Good News Club @ Chickasaw Elementary

Widow/Widower Banquet 2017

Youth Caroling 2016

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Christmas 2016

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Thanksgiving Dinner November 2016

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Missions Sunday 10/16/16 

Presentations were made by The Gideons International, The Women’s Resource Center, The International Ministries Center and Tammy Odom.  The Odom family has committed to reaching the people of Guatemala.  Even though we may not be able to travel to foreign soil, we can definitely be a part of foreign missions by sharing the gospel with those who are coming to our towns and ports from foreign countries and through prayer and giving.  Local missions are equally important,  opportunities abound in our own community.  We are commanded to go and share the gospel with the lost! 
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Charlot Day and Jessica McCray

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On Sunday Oct. 9, 2016 we had an opportunity to thank Charlot for 8 years of tireless dedication to our church and community while serving as our church secretary.  Charlot and Mickey will continue to serve here at First Baptist Chickasaw with us just in different capacities.  Jessica our new church secretary has been training with Charlot for several weeks and has shone that she too, has a servant’s heart.  We welcome Jessica and look forward to continuing to bring the gospel to our families, friends and neighbors.

Widow/Widower Banquet Sept 2016

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